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March 8th 2015 by Lonewolfninja89
March 8th 2015
I haven't posted anything in awhile so here you go :)
After a week of filing it, it has arrived. I got a decent amount back and I'm happy. I might use it for San Diego
My two valentines are
My PS4 and myself
                                                                        Chapter 17: The Cleaver strikes

After being defeated by the turtles and lizards, the Shitenno returned to their fortress to await their master. They knelt down in front of the Cleaver who was not pleased with their defeat. The cleaver was dressed in his armor but without his kabuto. The cleaver was a middle aged Japanese man with long black hair and a goatee. He also had scars across his face and an eye patch over his left eye.

“How can my most trusted warriors be defeated by mere reptiles?” said the Cleaver.

The samurai in black spoke “The lizards had allies this time”

Cleaver slammed his fist on his throne “I will hear no excuses!”

The samurai in red joined in “It’s true master. The lizards have aligned themselves with more creatures.”

Cleaver rose from his throne “Is that so? What do these creatures look like?”

“They were turtles and they fight in the way of ninjutsu” said the samurai in blue.

Cleaver was in disbelief “Turtles! So there are more kappa to plague my family?”

The samurai in white nodded his head “Master cleaver we are going to need the whole clan to stop them.”

The Cleaver reached for his kabuto and placed it on. “Very well. Rally your best men and prepare for battle. Tonight we will an put end those lizards’ pitiful existence and since these turtles decided to stick their nose in our affairs then they will share in their fate.”

The turtles and lizards hopped from rooftop to roof top so they didn’t draw attention to the people below.  The turtles followed behind the lizards since they knew their way around the city.

“How further are we from his fortress?”  Asked Leonardo.

Alejandro turned back to him “It’s just a little bit further.”

The turtles and lizards had finally reached the Fangs fortress and they saw it was heavily guarded like ancient samurai guarding a castle. The lizards felt that charging into the base would suicidal.

“Holy scales! There’s a lot of samurai down there!” said Bartolommeo.

“Good then that means more butt we get to kick!” said Cristobal.

“We can’t just go charging in there we’d be slaughtered!” said Francisco

“Leonardo can you and your brothers provide some kind of distraction below?” said Alejandro.

Leonardo nodded “Yup, I had Donnie whip up some smoke bombs earlier”

Michelangelo “Whoa, How did you make smokes in a short amount of time?.”

“Mikey he’s Donnie, he’s able to do things like that all the time” said Raph.

Donatello sets the bag down “Well I didn’t make them alone. I had Frank help me make them. Ok every one grab and smoke bomb
and throw it.”

The turtles and lizards each grabbed a bombs and tossed them in front of the clan. The bombs went off and caused every smoke around the fortress. The Fang couldn’t see the turtles and lizards charging towards them and they were defeated with ease. The security system had gone off so some of the clan members were alerted and charged towards the front. The turtles and lizards armed themselves and charged towards them. Using their swords Leonardo and Alejandro swiftly disarmed the warriors. Michelangelo and Bartolommeo followed behind and knocked out the disarmed warriors. Raphael and Cristobal stood back to roundhouse kicking and flooring the samurai who came towards them.

“Now this is what I was waiting for.” said Raphael with a smirk on his face.

Cristobal knocked out two more warriors “I’m glad you’re enjoying this as much as I am”

Alejandro turned back to them “Well don’t get too excited because these are just the ashigaru. The real warriors will be inside the fortress.

Leonardo nodded “Then let’s hurry up and deal with them”

One of the scouts had returned to the Cleaver to report that the turtles and lizards.

“Master Cleaver the Kame and Tokage warriors have breached our base. They have defeated our men!”

Cleaver stood up and walked over to the scout “Then why are you still standing?”

The cleaver slashed his scout with his gauntlet left his body where it fell. He turned his Shitenno who were standing behind him.

“The four of you need to get your men ready for the final battle. By tomorrow night I want lizard stew with a side of turtle soup delivered to our army!”  

“Yes master!” said the four warriors before leaving his throne room. The cleaver slashed a corner of his chair

“If you want to stand in the my way then I will crush you myself!”
After a week of filing it, it has arrived. I got a decent amount back and I'm happy. I might use it for San Diego


United States
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Aron, thank you for the sweetest gift of all!!!
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thanks for the fav :D
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Fri May 16, 2014, 12:56 AM
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Fri May 9, 2014, 7:55 AM

As I said awhile back I'm doing a TMNT/Marvel project. What hero or heroes do like the most with the Fab four 

26 deviants said Deadpool
25 deviants said Spider-Man
20 deviants said X-Men
20 deviants said Avengers.
8 deviants said Daredevil
8 deviants said Elektra
4 deviants said Fantastic Four


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