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Debating if I'm gonna stick around here or not.
                          Chapter 18: Battle in the fortress

The turtles and lizards were successful in defeating the Shitenno of the Fang causing them to retreat. Enraged at their attack the lizards decided to take the fight to the Cleaver's fortress which lied at the tip of Little Tokyo. They hoped from roof top to roof top to reach their destination. They found the fortress heavily guarded at the entrance just like an army of samurai were defending a castle back in feudal times. Donatello had made some smoke bombs prior to the assault and handed them out.

“Alright guys I made eight smoke bombs and since the fortress is heavily guarded we will have to sabotage and take them down.”

“Good thinking Donnie, get ready to throw them on my command guys!” said Leonado.

They all took aim at the front entrance and waited for Leonardo to give them the signal. Once Leonardo gave the word they all threw their smoke bombs at the entrance. The heavy smoke threw the Fang's ashigaru into a disarray. The turtles and lizards lept off the roofs and charged through the warriors disarming them and knocking them out. Some of the ashigaru bravely charged towards the lizards but were quickly defeated by them.

“That takes care of the lot out here. Now let's take the fight to the cleaver!” said Cristobal.

Alejandro  extended his sword towards him “Don't go blindly charging in Chris. Cleaver knows we're coming so he probably has traps and other obstacles waiting for us inside.

“This is similar to our battles with the Shredder and his foot clan back in New York. If the cleaver is anything like him then he's probably just as ruthless” said Leonardo.

Raphael was getting anxious “What are we standing out here for? Are we gonna go take them down or what?”

The turtles and lizards cautiously made their way towards the front entrance and waited for attacks to charge out. Anyone who was foolish enough to come at them were quickly defeated. They soon came across some warriors with hi-tech samurai armor that gave them cloaking devices. The warriors manage to get upper hand until Leo remember what Splinter had taught them.

“Guys remember what Master Splinter taught us. If we can't see the enemy in front of us then use your other senses and wait for the enemy to touch you first!”

The turtles and lizards cleared their minds and closed their eyes. Using their other senses they were able to catch the cloaking warriors and disable their devices. Once they were revealed the turtles defeated them. Raphael was enjoying the thrill of taking down the fang clan.

“I haven't had a great battle since we took out the foot!”

Michelangelo chuckled “Yea plus these guys sorta fight like the foot.”

Donatello examined the devices on their armor “I wonder if they use the same technology as the foot clan.”

Francisco nodded “Well come to think of it I remember Masters Chopper and Spliner telling us that the Foot and Fang clans were once allies. Do you think the Cleaver and Shredder made an alliance at some point?”

Alejandro touches Francisco's shoulder “We can ponder that later first let's go take them down the Cleaver and his clan.

Before they could move a giant robot came towards them. Inside it was the evil scientist Virgil Donovan. Donovan was said to be a colleague of Baxter Stockman and studied with him before he moved to California.

Master Cleaver wants you all to be destroyed so I'm going to wipe you out; and as for you turtles you made a big mistake getting involved in this battle so now I'm going to hand your shells over to my master as well.

Leonardo and the other turtles turned to the lizards “Hey will take care of the giant robot, you guys start heading after the Cleaver.”

Alejandro nodded “All right, Once you guys are finish rendezvous with us on top level. You guys be careful because I know your master wants you to return in one piece.”

Leonardo nodded “We will and you guys do the same thing.” The lizards
left the turtles to face off against Donovan's robot and made their way to the top floor. Donovan tried to take aim at the fleeing Lizards and fired a missile but Leonardo saw the missle and cut through it.

“They are the least of your problems right now. You will now face the ninja turtles!”

Raphael swung his  twin sai “Are you guys ready to take him down!”

“Yeah!” said Donatello and Michelangelo while swing their weapons. The turtles charged towards the robot while dodging the missiles and lasers. Leonardo and Raphael both picked and arm simultaneously cut them off.  By doing this Donovan was unable to fire lasers again. Leonardo and Raphael waited Donovan to release the mechanism where this missiles were stored. As soon as he did they leapt towards air and sliced off the mechanisms. The legs of Donovan's robot now shifted upwards  and fired projectiles at them. Leonardo and Raphael dodged his attempts to hit them. They turned to Michelangelo and Donatello.

“Mikey, Donnie! Raph and I already eliminated his arms and upper weapons so you two have to take out his legs!”

Donnie and Mikey nodded “We're on it Leo!”

Donatello and Michelangelo charged towards the robot and dodge the incoming blasts and simultaneously they started bashing at the legs. Suddenly the robots legs had given out and were destroyed causing the robot to fall on it's back. Leonardo used his sword to cut open the robot and yanked out Donovan.

“You destroyed my robot with ease. How?” asked a distress Donovan.

Raphael grabbed him by his collar “We've destroyed a lot of robots that were way tougher than yours! Even your pal Stockman's robots were destroyed by us!”

Leonardo calls out to Raphael “Raphael we gotta move. Hurry up and knock him out.”

Raphael smirked “I thought you never ask.” Raphael right jab to the face and knocked the scientist out cold. The turtles made their way to the top floor to catch up to the lizards.

“The Lizards continued towards the top floor and defeated more of the fang clan that stood in their way.” Just when they thought they had a clear path they would find Misao blocking their path. The Cleaver had ordered her to stop the lizards at any costs.

“Move aside Misao, The Cleaver must be stopped!” said Alejandro.

Misao shook her head “My orders are to stop you from reaching him. So either turn back now or I will defeat you.”

Cristobal swung his weapons “Fine then we'll go through you!”

Misao swung her naginata and charged towards them. She tried to swing at them but the lizards dodged her attempts. Cristobal charged towards her but was kicked aside. Francisco and Bartolommeo tried to do the same thing but it was also in vain.

“Guys we can't defeat her that way. We will have to take a page from the turtles book and fight her together!” said Alejandro.

The lizards attacked her using group attacks and keeping her from trying to recover. Misao was used to fighting them one by one but she was overwhelmed by their combined might.

“Just leave her here. She will be out for some time.” Alejandro

Cristobal blinked his eyes “Good maybe now we can focus on taking out the Cleaver without her getting in the way. I really don't know what you see in her.”

Alejandro replies “She's an honorable warrior among the their ranks and she's very skilled”

Bartolommeo chuckles “Admit it, you like her because you think she's beautiful.”

Alejandro got annoyed “Hey shut up Bart!”

Francisco tries to get them moving “Normally I'd join in on this but shouldn't we be
focusin on Cleaver.  Alejandro I'm waiting on your orders.”

Aljeandro nodded “Frankie has a point. Come on guys let's move.  Tonight we will avenger the master of our Master Chopper!”
Chp 18: Battle in the Fortress
Chapter 18 of my Samurai Lizards. I know i took forever and I do apologize for that.
Specifically I'll be around NYC NJ and PA maybe even MA
Debating if I'm gonna stick around here or not.


United States
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As I said awhile back I'm doing a TMNT/Marvel project. What hero or heroes do like the most with the Fab four 

30 deviants said Deadpool
29 deviants said Spider-Man
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20 deviants said Avengers.
8 deviants said Daredevil
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